Born in Manchester (UK), I now live in a quaint little village in the southeast of England. In my early twenties, working in an office in London, I got the urge to up sticks and move to Spain!

Vacation Concept. Spain. Beach Costa del Sol. Mediterranean Sea

I lived on the Costa Del Sol for a couple of years working in various bars and nightclubs. My days were spent sleeping on the beach while my evenings were a mad rush serving drinks to thirsty tourists. It was great fun, but you can only spend so much of your life partying till dawn! Woo-Hoo!

Moving back home I resumed my office job, but I had this driving ambition to pursue a more creative lifestyle as an entertainer. So, that’s what I did! Joining forces with Stevie, my lifelong best-bud and partner in music, we formed our band ‘Hollywood’ which also went out as an Abba tribute show. Versatility was our signature, we never took ourselves too seriously, and I can honestly say we had a great time! We went out and conquered the world! Well… some of it!

We were lucky enough to have been flown all over the world to perform for Royalty in Jordan, millionaires in Hong Kong, and many of the top global corporate giants. But it’s not always been so glamorous. We’ve also had to sit in traffic on the M25, trying to get to a crappy little club in the middle of nowhere, to perform for one man and his pint! I can honestly say, we’ve lived the dream and the nightmare!

I’ve always been keen to learn new skills and so I took a course at the National Film & Television School in the U.K. I directed a pilot for television, and I’ve worked as a Script Supervisor for acclaimed and esteemed British director and screenwriter, Jane Gull.

After twenty-eight years on the road with the band, I recently retired from performing. My creative streak and a passion for writing produced my first endeavour as an author. The Sexy M.F. Series is a trilogy in the contemporary adult romance genre, and is now self-published on Amazon.

M.F. Book I – Published July 2015.

MISSING FOXX (When you least expect it…) Book II – Published February 2016.

MINE FOREVER – Book III – published August 2016.

Writing is my new passion, but my old ones are music, film, reading, horses, dogs, cats, (all animals really!) food, wine and anything that makes me smile 😉 … did I mention chocolate?

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