Taking the Plunge.

Having spent some time humming and hawing about the benefits of attending a book conference, I had talked myself out of it in 2017. But as the advertisements for the Dublin Writer’s Conference from BooksGoSocial started to arrive in my inbox for 2018, I finally took the plunge and signed up for it.

Dublin Writer's Conference.png

Yes, the cost of travel, hotel accommodation, and the conference itself were something to consider. And the thought of flinging myself into a room full of strangers was a daunting prospect. I’m an author. I spend most of my time totally alone staring at my monitor! However, hermit existence aside, I can honestly say, having now attended the Dublin Writer’s Conference, it was a great weekend and a font of knowledge.

I met some great people who were just like me, Indie, self-deprecating, horrified by the mistakes we had all made and yet so willing to give advice, assistance, and a listening ear.

The speakers at the event had some worthy tips, helpful advice, and some tricks of the trade to learn from, and the organisers crammed a heck of a lot into a short space of time.

Laurence O’Bryan (an author himself) and his wonderful team were a lovely bunch of people and made the event very worthwhile.

If anyone is thinking of attending the Dublin Writer’s Conference, I would highly recommend it.

I would also recommend taking the time to visit the BooksGoSocial website for some very helpful author services, as well as some very good books to read, share, and review.


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