Olivia’s Turn by Taylor Marsh

Olivia’s Turn


The new arousing psychological thriller

Taylor Marsh

Olivia Stark takes a risk and gets entangled in a psychological maze. Her past rushes through to bring identification with a malevolent force so unhinged she threatens everything Olivia has worked for…

Mind games start. Torment becomes the seduction.

Olivia was the highest paid teen actress in Hollywood. Not anymore.

A trip to Las Vegas turns upside down when Olivia becomes privy to a secret… and events combust in a way no one expected.

A bombshell opens a hatch for Olivia to spy into the deep recesses of an eerie past.

It begins at a film industry charity event in Sin City drawing big-name producers, including Vivika James, the first African American woman producer to slay Hollywood. Olivia is convinced she holds the secret to her future.

So, she makes a choice which catches her in a treacherous maze of deceit, mistaken identity and diabolical mind games.

Olivia’s life put on the line by her own choices.

Enter Jeremy Durant, a transplanted Los Angeles lawyer who dropped out of the partnership racket to work at Slaten’s Premier Hotel and Casino on the Strip. Olivia convinces Jeremy of an outlandish prospect, which leads her into darkness.

But what makes someone snap?

Olivia Stark doesn’t consider the risks she takes. She goes after what she wants willing to pay the price.

How far would you go to get what you want?

Be careful with this one.

Available on Amazon Here:  51RjSqNpFmL

Taylor Marsh writes smart, arousing psychological thrillers while deciphering world events.

Marsh is a former Broadway performer and beauty queen who was the Relationship Consultant for LA WEEKLY, then the nation’s top alternative newsweekly.  The author of two traditionally published non-fiction books, The Hillary Effect and The Sexual Education of a Beauty Queen, Taylor turned to fiction in 2016 with the Beltway Series.

Olivia’s Turn is unlike anything I’ve written before. I took a risk. Working without a net is all I know.” – Taylor Marsh

Taylor was profiled in The Washington Post and The New Republic for her coverage of Hillary Clinton during the 2008 Democratic primary season. She has been a contributor to The Huffington Post since 2006 and has written for Washington, D.C.’s The Hill, as well as for U.S. News & World Report and for Zócalo Public Square in Los Angeles, among others. A seasoned entertainer, communicator and speaker, Taylor has also been interviewed by The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, New York Daily News, BBC, CNN, MSNBC, Al Jazeera Media Network, and C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, among other outlets.

Taylor Marsh - Author



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Really? Oh, alright then. Let's talk about me! Born and bred in the U.K. I've been lucky enough to have travelled the world as a professional singer/songwriter/musician. I also completed a course at the National Film and Television School in the U.K. Now retired from performing, my creative streak and passion for writing produced 'The Sexy M.F. Series', my first endeavour as an author, a trilogy in the contemporary adult romance genre. Writing is a passion, along with music, cake, reading, chocolate, witty banter, and a good movie. Thanks for visiting my blog. ;-) For more information, please drop in at my website.

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