Falling in love with him was easy…inevitable.

Sexy M.F.

Keeping him will be a fight for her life.

Sexy M.F. Series

To all her friends, Vivienne Banks is affectionately known as ‘Cautious Viv.’ An over-analyser to the extreme. None of them know why, exactly. But her father’s death and her mother’s addictions seem the likely cause.

For Vivienne, trust is everything.

Mike had taken the time to earn her trust, but as their relationship grew, his controlling behaviour began to suffocate her, deadening her heart.

Despite this, Mike had become Vivienne’s safety net… until an encounter at work sparks a deep awakening even she can’t ignore.

Out steps a tall, dark-haired man who is, without doubt, the most handsome man I have ever seen. His broad shoulders shrug a little while he smooths his jacket, adjusting his cufflinks. Just that action alone has me transfixed.

“Wow! He. Is. Gorgeous.”Sexy guy in a tux

Maxwell Foxx isn’t easy to ignore. Effortlessly handsome, with the bluest eyes and the sexiest smile. And oh…that body. The man has sexy in his DNA.

But for Vivienne, an incurable romantic at heart, would her cautious nature ever consider love at first sight?

Hell no! That would take months of planning.

So, why can’t she get him out of her head?

He’s like an opiate, an anodyne, spellbinding and hypnotic.

News of Mike’s betrayal hits Vivienne hard.

He’s broken her trust, killing it stone dead. There’s no going back.

As her love life hits the rocks, Vivienne hits the bar with devastating consequences.


After eleventeen cocktails, I realise I’m sitting at the bar all on my own, having thoroughly toasted my bastard of a boyfriend.

“Can you manage?” The bartender asks, as I slither off the barstool, wobbling on my heels.

“Yes,” I slur indignantly, trying to focus on him. “I’m going to the loo.” I point, as if he needed to know where I’m headed. “It’s not my first time, you know.” A giggly hiccup explodes out of me. 

Straightening my dress, slinging my clutch bag firmly under my armpit, I stride across the room in a zigzag fashion, bumping my way through the crowd like a pinball.

Vivienne’s drunken behaviour lands her in trouble.

In his sights already, Maxwell Foxx comes to her rescue, and he isn’t about to let her slip through his fingers. Not this time.

But Max guards a past he’s not prepared to share.

My eyes are drawn to the small M.F. tattoo on his chest. Why won’t he talk about this?

They both need saving, but who is rescuing whom?

I’ve never felt so alive.

And ultimately, how long will it last?  

Gingerly moving forward, I see two empty Vodka bottles on the floor. An empty blister-pack of pills lay on the bed beside her.

“Monica! …Mon!”

 Frantically feeling for a pulse on her neck, Max shakes her.

“Mon, please. Jesus! …Wake up!”

The despair in his voice puts a lump in my throat as it hits me like a wrecking ball.

It’s her… His ex… He’s still in love with her.

Will Max ever be able to move on from the ghosts in his past and the bonds which tie him to another? And will Vivienne ever truly understand the significance of the M.F. tattoo over Max’s heart?


The Sexy M.F. Series

A love story





Lisa Mackay

Available at Amazon

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Really? Oh, alright then. Let's talk about me! Born and bred in the U.K. I've been lucky enough to have travelled the world as a professional singer/songwriter/musician. I also completed a course at the National Film and Television School in the U.K. Now retired from performing, my creative streak and passion for writing produced 'The Sexy M.F. Series', my first endeavour as an author, a trilogy in the contemporary adult romance genre. Writing is a passion, along with music, cake, reading, chocolate, witty banter, and a good movie. Thanks for visiting my blog. ;-) For more information, please drop in at my website.

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