My First Blog… Prepare to be mahoossively underwhelmed!

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It seems that everyone around me is blogging their asses off! Yet again, I arrive to the game a little late!! Hi… sorry… don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here out of the way trying to catch up.

As a newbie author, and having self published three novels in a little over 12 months, I thought I’d be well on my way to writing my next novel. I hadn’t realised how important social media would be to my marketing strategy. Come to think of it… I hadn’t even considered a marketing strategy!  I’d had a Facebook and Twitter account for a while but had rarely used them. To me, these mediums were frivolous and often annoyingly time consuming. Far too many jokes and funny videos of some poor bugger falling off a ladder, would distract me…it doesn’t take much! (Just call me Dory!)

Joining the fray with a massive handicap, I started to explore the bottomless pit of social media. In short, my day would consist of several head scratchings, plenty of expletives, and lots of “Huh?… Why didn’t that work?…How do I do this?…What the?… Oh, I give up!” It took a while for all the information to sink in, all the posts, links, and photos to sit correctly like everyone else’s, and to finally begin to understand the etiquette involved in self promotion. It felt like I’d taken on the task of learning Russian and Japanese all in one sitting! Pings, dings, and pop up notifications were fast becoming a conversation breaker, should anyone foolishly try to begin one! I was face down in my laptop for several weeks, only surfacing for a wee, a coffee, and whatever was quickest to rustle up for dinner!

Blogging is something I’ve held back on, mainly because I’ve been spending all my time reading everybody else’s blogs. Man! there are bajillions of them out there! I confess that I’m certainly no master of the art of blogging, but I’m beginning to realise its potential. It’s strange, but when I set out to write my book (which became a trilogy), I had no idea that I would also need to become a proof reader, an editor, a book cover designer, a website builder, a book trailer producer, PR, and general dogsbody for myself. (All while still trying to hold on to some semblance of sanity!!) It has been a mahoosive learning curve, but I’m not one to be defeated by technology, and now I’m actually quite grateful to have learned so much. Time is a commodity we rarely appreciate, but for indie authors, learning to prioritise and meet a deadline is essential.

Nothing of any substance can be achieved without the will to succeed and the desire to see it through to completion. But the support and encouragement I’ve received from family, friends, and a very special book club  The Rave Reviews Book Club have made a huge difference to my own motivation. To anyone reading this now, who has inspired me or supported me in my endeavour to write and self publish, cheers! It means a lot and I couldn’t have done it without you. x;-)

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Really? Oh, alright then. Let's talk about me! Born and bred in the U.K. I've been lucky enough to have travelled the world as a professional singer/songwriter/musician. I also completed a course at the National Film and Television School in the U.K. Now retired from performing, my creative streak and passion for writing produced 'The Sexy M.F. Series', my first endeavour as an author, a trilogy in the contemporary adult romance genre. Writing is a passion, along with music, cake, reading, chocolate, witty banter, and a good movie. Thanks for visiting my blog. ;-) For more information, please drop in at my website.

22 thoughts on “My First Blog… Prepare to be mahoossively underwhelmed!

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. Your blog looks fantastic! I found it really overwhelming when I published my first book at how much marketing and design work is needed to create a successful novel. I had no idea about Twitter, Facebook, blogging, or other marketing tools, but I have met so many wonderful people on my writing journey. I decided to jump in and enjoy the learning curve and discovered that there is so much support out there for newbies like me. Reblogged on and shared on Twitter @Lizzie_Chantree I’m still trying to work out the best way to manage my Facebook pages, but will post there too for you.

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    1. Thanks Lizzie,
      You’re right, you do just have to get stuck in and run with it.
      It’s all a bit mind boggling, but you, and many others have been
      a great source of encouragement and support, so thanks for that, I really
      appreciate it. x;-)


  2. Hi, Lisa! Welcome to the blogosphere and to RRBC! It’s lovely to connect with you and I look forward to seeing more from your blog. Social media is definitely a huge part of an author’s journey (wouldn’t it be great if we could just write, LOL)? Congrats on stepping into the blogging waters! 🙂


  3. Well – I was mahoosively impressed with your inaugural blog, Lisa! Great job and don’t sweat the marketing roller-coaster – just remember to lean into the turns, scream when it gets it gets too exciting for proper words, and just enjoy the energy boosts from folk you meet riding with you! 😉
    RRBC’s a big help and comfy cushion as you’ve found – you’ll do well! 😀


    1. Hi Jan,
      I love the way you speak/write! I suspect we share the same sense of humour!
      Yes, the comfy cushion has indeed been a huge help. And all the RRBC members
      I have met along the way have been amazing.
      Thanks so much for your support, Jan. It is a mahoosive help!
      All the best, Lisa x 😉


  4. Hi, Lisa! I happened upon your blog as it was tied up in the forums of RRBC the other day. I popped over and immediately sent out an email to our team asking that they support your new venture. In all honesty, had this blog not been so well-written (and all nice, neat and clean-lined), I would not have shared it, so there you go! I was highly impressed with it, and will be following you here. Another thing, I don’t follow everyone’s blogs, so yours, with the very first post, must have knocked my socks off! Kudos to you!


    1. Hi, Nonnie
      I’m deeply grateful for your high praise, it is hugely encouraging for a first time blogger.
      Although I’m fairly new to the Rave Reviews Book Club, I totally agree with everyone’s comments today on the Aspire to Inspire blog talk radio show.
      You have definitely created a welcoming and inspirational home for all indie authors.
      Thank you.
      Lisa x;-)


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